Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Sister, Tina

Big Sister.
Hand stamped


about the piece.
In Tina's words, "Losing our twins, Sophia & Ellie, affected our entire family. We all felt various emotions and wished things to be differently. Our daughter Emma, who was almost 5 at the time, was so very sad that she missed her opportunity to be a big sister. I reassured her that she is still a big sister but just in a special way. I wanted her to have something she could wear that announced that she is indeed a big sister, so I made this necklace that she so proudly displays around her neck. (And I must say that I think she is one of the best ever because she sings a song and blows kisses to Sophia & Ellie every night before she drifts off to sleep.)"

about the contributor.
Tina lives in California and is married to Hutch. They have 2 living children, Brady 12 and Emma 5. Her identical twins, Sophia & Ellie, were born in April 2009 at just 21weeks gestation. She is learning to navigate through this world without two of her children by her side. Tina is hoping to bring Sophia's & Ellie's baby sister safely into this world this summer.

Tina writes about her journey at Living Without Sophia and Ellie and sells this piece and more in her etsy shop, Mama Mia.


  1. It's so hard for grieving siblings, this is a lovely necklace, and a lovely idea.

  2. What a lovely necklace and idea!

  3. What a good sister Sophia and Ellie have. Beautiful work and a neat way to remember.


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