Monday, April 12, 2010

Battle of Light vs. Dark, Amy McCarter

Battle of Light vs. Dark.
Amy McCarter.


about the piece.
In Amy's words, "I sat down to paint the battle of light vs. dark that constantly wages in my soul since Liam's death in Spring of 2009. Over time I have found strength in knowing my friends, both in real life and on-line, are standing behind me while I live with this struggle. As my brush moved across the canvas paper circles emerged, and those circles turned into flowers. I then realized the flowers represent my friends, my source of support and strength. The larger flowers represent the two forces within me that battle, constantly. Light being Hope, happiness, love and all the pleasant emotions one can feel. Darkness being Despair, anger, envy, bitterness and all the deep ripping emotions of grief."

about the artist.
Amy lives in North Carolina with her husband and two greyhounds. Amy describes her journey, "Our only child Liam was born alive and apparently healthy on September 25, 2007, and was the joy of our lives. Our son Liam died soon after birth due to unexplained/unknown causes, shattering our world and our hearts. Art is an expression and release of my grief, and a way to honor the memory of our little man who is missed beyond words."


  1. It's beautiful Amy. And sad. Beautiful and sad at the same time. We both know about that. xxx

  2. so lovely.. there are so many ways to interpret this piece... I like that the bright is greater than the dark.. if only I could get there.


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