Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Untitled, Liz H. Allen

by Liz H. Allen

And then it's over
like blowing out a flame
it was all building to this
now nothing is the same.

And then it's over
and I want to turn back time
I want to live it over again
to once again have you all mine.

And then it's over
like the wind through the trees
there is nothing left
just painful memories.

And then it's over
and I wish it all away
this has to be a nightmare
and I wait for the light of day.

And then it's over
in my heart all along
now in a little brass urn
and home where you belong.

written March 23rd, 2006


about this poem.
In Liz's words, "For a very long time, I was afraid to bring my daughter's urn home from my parent's home who had retrieved it from the funeral home. I wasn't ready to have it around, I was scared of what it would look like, how I would react, how others would feel when they saw it. Eventually I came to a point when I needed her home with me. We were told that the funeral home would provide us with a small wooden box for her ashes since we were not a 'family with means,' which is what I had expected when I opened the cardboard box containing her urn. Instead, inside the box was a red velvet heart and, inside the heart, was a small brass urn. I felt so blessed that my daughter was provided with something as beautiful and sweet as she is."

about the poet.
Liz H Allen keeps a personal blog at Can't Wake Up, which chronicles her journey from loss to now. She also maintains a writing blog at Writing Mommy. Liz describes her story, "On July 25th, 2004, my first daughter was stillborn due to multiple complications, but mostly because my body failed at pregnancy and the doctors failed to notice. Her name is Janell Victory Allen and, despite her short life, she is a victory in every aspect of the word. Her website is Janell Victory. In her memory, my husband and I started A Small Victory, which is currently on hiatus due to my returning to college."

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