Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tears, Rachel

Oil on canvas


about the piece.
Rachel talks about Tears. "I have a hard time letting loose and just creating without too much thinking...without my own critic standing over me telling me how bad it is. Since losing Lyra, I've tried really hard to silence that critic, and just express without hesitation. After hiding from this canvas for over a year, I got it out and started pouring myself onto it. I didn't 'know exactly where I was going with it...but I was just releasing my sadness and pain onto the canvas. Out of it came my tears that I have had and will continue to have."

about the artist.
Rachel lives in Kansas with her husband of four years and a gray cat. They lost their first child, Lyra, at 30 weeks due to a cord accident on December 18, 2009. Rachel maintains a blog called Curls O Fred.


  1. Keep silencing that critic and keep painting and sharing

    This is great and not something I could ever do. Very evocative - powerfully so!

    Peace and Healing

  2. I think I commented about this one when you first posted on your blog. It still captures me with the force of the tears, the power of grief. This is such an emotional painting, even without an definitive form. The inner critic may yap at you constantly but you do well to tune her out.

  3. Tears like a raging waterfall. Heartbreaking.

  4. It's a very beautiful painting. Gorgeous.

  5. This is such a powerful, glorious painting. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I absolutely love this painting. It is perfect.


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