Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Resting Place, Audrey

Resting Place.


about the photograph.
In Audrey's words, "This is called 'Resting Place.' It is a malachite box, the most precious thing we could find to hold Eva's remains and that's probably all that needs to be said about it."

about the contributor.
Audrey is the mother of three, including a set of monoamniotic twins, twins who shared an amniotic sac, which is very rare, which earned her eleven weeks of inpatient monitoring and, sadly, hospital food. Her daughter, Eva, was diagnosed with a heart defect (hypoplastic left heart syndrome) in utero and died from post-surgical complications when she and her twin were 29 days old. As she approaches her personal "Lent" for the third time, Audrey is working to reconcile herself to life's dualities. Audrey writes at Glutton Button.


  1. I agree with Jeanette... beautiful.

  2. It's a beautiful photograph of one of your precious ways to remember Eva.

  3. The photo is lovely and the box looks very special. Just beautiful.


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