Friday, March 12, 2010

Letting Go, slh

Letting Go. 2009.



about the piece.
In slh's words, "Letting Go is explained simply by its name. I painted this after my third miscarriage in November, which happened the week of Thanksgiving no less. With that loss, I felt a turning in me- a defeated helplessness. I had lost control of everything in my life because of the infertility, I had lost all hope with the miscarriages, and I didn't even care anymore- or at least, I didn't want to care. I gave up the reigns, and walked away. My babies were gone, the past three years were filled with a dark grief that choked me- and I was tired of it. So, I began letting go. I tried to capture in this the feeling of letting go, how as idealistic as it sounds it is still filled with so much secret grief. And most days I feel like I am in a black and white world, crying on the inside, even though no one can see it- it is the secret me."

about the artist.
After the stillbirth of her niece, and dealing with her own infertility and subsequent recurrent miscarriages, slh began using various mediums to work through her grief. In slh's own words:
“Painting, drawing, and writing have all helped me so much. Not only by creating myself, but by viewing another person's piece and being able to connect.”

To read more about slh, aka Another Dreamer, and her journey, visit her blog at An Unwanted Path.

Thinking of slh today on the anniversary of her second miscarriage.


  1. Stephanie,

    Your painting and the words accompanying it speaks so powerfully to me. The loss of control. The hidden and secret grief. The letting go.

    I still struggle with this! Heard last night that a friend who has blanked us since our infertility diagnosis just had their third baby. They themselves lost a baby at one hour old so we are pleased for them but the pain for us at imagining them with their new baby...
    ... Infertility and babyloss (miscarriage or stillbirth) is so very hard. Your painting captures this so beautifully and powerfully.

    Peace and Healing to you

  2. The struggle and strain of grief are fully visible in the painting. This is beautiful and full of emotion.

  3. What a beautiful painting. It truly expresses the grief and hopelessness miscarriage brings.

  4. Oh, this is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing it x

  5. Beautiful painting. It speaks volumes to my heart.

  6. Thank you all for your kind words.


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