Friday, February 26, 2010

The Space Between, slh

The Space Between.


about the piece.
slh talks about her painting: "The Space Between was painted in respects to my first loss. I imagine it was a boy, though it was too early to tell. I connected a lot with birds at that time, and it evolved into a symbolism for that loss. I don't know if I can really explain what was going through my mind when I completed this piece, because it was too much for me to put into words- which is why I turned to the brush. The space between is so many things- the space between love and loss, the space between anger and encroaching depression, the sacred space in my heart where I keep the love for my would-be-baby and guard it from the callousness of people who think I should be over it."

about the artist.
After the stillbirth of her niece, and dealing with her own infertility and subsequent recurrent miscarriages, slh began using various mediums to work through her grief. In slh's own words:
“Painting, drawing, and writing have all helped me so much. Not only by creating myself, but by viewing another person's piece and being able to connect.”

To read more about slh, aka Another Dreamer, and her journey, visit her blog at An Unwanted Path.


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie.

  2. Birds carry so much symbolism and meaning, I find I turn to them too. Beautiful painting.

  3. Such a bold, beautiful painting.

  4. Oh, I really love this. It's such a compelling image.


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