Thursday, February 4, 2010

Loneliness, Amy McCarter

Amy McCarter


about the painting.
In Amy's words, "During times of grief, the feeling of isolation is intense. The day I painted this piece, I felt incredibly alone, despite knowing family and friends are never far away. I felt like I was drifting alone in the vast sea of grief, watching little bits of myself be taken away by the current. I was exhausted, barely hanging on.... sinking."

about the artist.
Amy lives in North Carolina with her husband and two greyhounds. Amy describes her journey, "Our only child Liam was born alive and apparently healthy on September 25, 2007, and was the joy of our lives. Our son Liam died soon after birth due to unexplained/unknown causes, shattering our world and our hearts. Art is an expression and release of my grief, and a way to honor the memory of our little man who is missed beyond words."


  1. Those colours are powerful, I had a dream with those colours and a very similar composition not so long ago.

  2. Beautiful piece, Amy. I understand the feeling of being lonely when you're not alone all too well.


  3. Your work makes me wish I could paint!

    Grief is indeed a lonely road. I hope you find some companions and friends along the way

  4. very honest, very beautiful, very powerful. Thank you, Amy.

  5. I love the colors and I love that this painting evokes such powerful emotions.

  6. This is exactly how I feel in the thick of it all-it doesn't matter who's on shore if you're drifting by yourself. I agree with living in the rainbow- wish I could paint like that.

  7. beautiful. sorrowful. honest. Thanks for sharing this piece with us.

  8. Beautiful, the colors really bring the mourner to the forefront in a sea of distress.

  9. Beautiful work. Your words behind the piece are so powerful.

  10. this is stunning. i still feel that way often. thank you for sharing this piece. xo

  11. beautiful and powerful amy
    i too can relate to the lonely isolation of grief

  12. This is very, very beautiful. The colours, the composition... wonderful.

  13. This painting is amazing Amy. Thank you!! I can relate to how you described grief being stranded out in the tide alone watching pieces of yourself drift away.

    Very powerful painting. I wish you peace. My baby's name is Liam too.

    Lots of Love!!


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