Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hudson Ice, Danielle

Hudson Ice, 2010


about the piece.

In Danielle's words, "When we lost our first son, Kai, we scattered his ashes in the Hudson River near Cold Spring, New York, so he could be gently returned to the water and become part of nature.  Our second child was taken from us last week in such a way that there were no ashes to scatter.  We returned to Cold Spring this weekend.  The Hudson is frozen over at this time of year and, as we stood looking out at the water, we began to hear the ice crack- sudden, sharp, random bursts of noise that made the ice begin to shift and sink into itself.  Somehow, the cracking of the ice seemed like a metaphor for what we've lost- beautiful, ever-changing, seemingly solid, and then suddenly broken and gone. This is also a lot like what I imagine my heart to look like right now."

about the photographer.
Danielle is a psychologist in New York City, where she lives with her husband and misses her two children who might have been.  Much to everyone's frustration, she does not have a blog.


  1. Beautiful image.

    Sorry that you do not have either of your babies with you. And so recent too.

    Peace and Healing to you

  2. Beautiful picture with such a tragic story to go with it.
    Love you lots Dani.


  3. Dani, thank you for sharing this beautiful image with us.

    Your babies will always hold life in my heart.

    We all love you Dani.


  4. Danielle I am so very sorry that your liitle ones are not here.

  5. Danielle, your photo so powerfully describes your heart following your losses. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts at later visits, once the ice has melted in the river; I don't know if hearts melt as quickly as water.

    I'm so sorry for your losses. Wishing you warm peace.

  6. beautiful and powerful
    thank you for sharing
    sending you love

  7. This is beautiful. And Cold Spring is a beautiful spot - I'm glad you've found a special place to remember your little ones. So sorry they are not with you. xo

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my thought and prayers.

  9. Stunning photo.

    I'm so sorry, Danielle. x

  10. That is truly a beautiful photograph, and it's really powerful. I especially love how it reaches out, and perfectly captures the moment.

    That photo is perfect.

  11. What a beautiful, heartbreaking image. I'm so sorry. x


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