Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Empty, Liz Paparella


Liz Paparella


about the piece.
This piece is the first piece of art Liz created after her daughter was stillborn. It is done in clay.

about the artist.
Liz Paparella's daughter Aquila died due to a placental abruption in labor. Her birth/death day was December 19, 2009.  As Liz says, "I have been using various media to express my grief since her death." Liz maintains a blog is the Paparella Brood.


  1. so powerful...and beautiful
    thank you

  2. Ohhh, that is incredible. It gave me chills.

  3. Powerful. This is profoundly powerful even though it depicts powerlessnes in the extreme.

    Thankyou for sharing it.

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  5. As the Dad, I never experienced this but I have always been aware how gut-wrenching it must be to have an empty womb and empty arms. This captures it so well. Thank you

  6. Just amazing and beautiful. It touches me to the core. You capture it raw and perfectly.

    Thank you for sharing it here.

    xx Ines

    P.S. Everyday I come here and I get to share in other people's art and expressions of grief and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found here, for it helps me to understand and to live on. Thank you for having this blog, Angie.

  7. The same words comes to my mind as the others who have posted here - powerful and beautiful. The jagged edges around her empty belly really convey the ripping pain, both physical and emotional of death from birth.

  8. it grabs you. Thank you for sharing.

  9. It speaks for itself, thank you for sharing.

  10. this is beautiful, painful. reminds me of a dream i had after losing my daughter - that i was still pregnant, but carrying her in my head, her umbilical cord wrapped about my brain stem. i had forgetten that. thank you for sharing. xo

  11. gosh.. I am basically speechless.. that piece says it all for us..


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