Friday, February 19, 2010

Angel Garden, Nina

Angel Garden.


about the photograph.
In Nina's words, "We have made a garden for Ava in our backyard. This picture is of the angel in her garden that someone had given us as a gift. I like to buy flowers for Ava to keep in the house. I believe this photo represents the beauty and pain of our loss. Since we lost Ava, photography has become my outlet to express how I am feeling. We miss her everyday."

about the contributor.
Nina's daughter Ava Grace was stillborn at 28 weeks due to a cord accident on February 19th. Nina reflects on her daughter, "We miss her very much. She has brought so much to my life and helped me realize my passion for photography."

Remembering Ava Grace today on her first birthday.


  1. This is a beautiful photo which I am sure reflects the beauty of your daughter.

    I am very sorry you do not have Ava with you today.

    Peace and Healing on this first birthday and those to come.

  2. Beautiful. Your love and care for her shines through in your photography. Thinking of you today. xoxo

  3. Beautiful photo, just lovely.

  4. A beautiful photograph. Thinking of you and Ava on this special day.

  5. What a gorgeous picture. Thinking of you and your Ava today.

  6. Very nice photo...beautiful colors. Thinking of you today as you remember Ava.

  7. What a lovely photo! So sorry for your loss of Ava. I lost my babies to cord problems, too. Thinking of you today.

  8. What a beautiful way to remember your sweet girl. I wish she were here with you celebrating her first birthday today. Wishing for a peaceful day for you. xx

  9. What a touching photograph, so beautiful. I love the play on darks and lights, and the ever present shadows amidst light. Perfect.


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