Thursday, January 28, 2010


I don't know how to say this, but I am kind of out of submissions. I have a few more for a few more days, but I need your art. STAT! If you have some that you sent in, and it hasn't been published yet, let me know.

Have you been putting off submitting something? Have you thought you might get around to sending something that you did a few months ago? Well, now is the time to grab that horse by the reins, and ride it into my inbox. My email is stilllife365days (at) gmail (dot) com. Also, know that at some point today, I am closing line submissions for February's Community Poem. I'm excited about this month's poem, and of course, the challenge will be up on the 1st too.

The guidelines for submissions is on the bottom of this blog. If I don't get anything, I will have to resort of publishing my crap for a month, and really no one wants that!


  1. i'm really going to submit something, i'm sorry i haven't done it yet...soon i promise...
    and i have been thinking about the poem, is it too late?
    but i can't really think of commands per se...the phrase that came to me is 'you'll have another one'

  2. If you ever need anything, you are welcome to pull stuff off my writing blog, carolhaytko dot blogspot dot com


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