Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Ocean, Carly

The Ocean, 2006
Acrylic with mixed media.


about the piece.
In Carly's words, "I made this when I was pregnant with Christian, before I knew he was sick. Each morning Scarlett and I would have breakfast out on our balcony that overlooked the ocean. One morning when we were out on the balcony a blue beaded necklace I was wearing broke. I collected up all the pieces and decided to create a piece of the ocean for our own home as it would remind me of his pregnancy and the mornings that Scarlett and I would share together overlooking the ocean.

If only I had known then how much the ocean would mean to me further down the road."

Materials: 30 x 40cm canvas. Acrylics, beads, rice paper, pieces of broken mirror and a few sparkles here and there.

about the artist.
Carly's son Christian was stillborn on Australia Day January 26, 2007. Carly has three other children, Scarlett, River and Ocea. On August 19, 2008, Carly dreamed of Christian for the first time. He was writing his name in the sand at the beach... and so To Write Their Names In The Sand was born. Carly writes on her blog over at Love Reign Over Me.

Remembering Christian today on his third birthday.


  1. Beautiful beautiful! I love even the story behind it, and how it represents a broken necklace turned into something so meaningful and precious.


  2. Beautiful, Carly.

    And happy birthday to sweet Christian, on this Australia Day. We'll watch the fireworks tonight and think of your little boy.

    And so glad you had that dream on my Hope's birthday.


  3. It is extremely beautiful. So powerful, how it's turned into something so meaningful.

  4. This is a beautiful piece. And made from something broken too. I hope that can be true of your heart going forward.

    Thinking of you and Christian today

  5. Beautiful Carly. Remembering Christian xx

  6. just amazing and lovely. What a treasure xx

  7. Beautiful, thinking of Christian todayx

  8. Carly, that's beautiful! Happy birthday Christian!!

  9. How beautiful, the blue is so striking.

  10. oh Carly, how precious.
    love to you my friend xx

  11. Oh wow!

    Happy birthday Dear Christian

  12. Thank you for your kind words everybody and thank you Angie for being so thoughtful to do this for me on his birthday xxxxx

  13. Wow... love this collage. Exactly my cup of tea.
    Remembering Christian, too...



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