Saturday, January 30, 2010

Food, Life, Love, Jam, Suz

Food, Life, Love, Jam. Suz.
Photograph and cooking.


about the photograph.
In Suz' words, "Cooking and food have always been an obsession. I love food, I love to cook. In more recent years, since the loss of my two wee babes and the birth of my two sons, the 'food thing' has taken on a different, more powerful energy than it had in my world before. This time it was jars and jars of apricot jam. Other times it is big pots of tomato sauce or soup, sometimes cakes or jars of preserves and other times big dishes of braised meat. The cooking time is "my time" in amongst busy days and I often find myself thinking of my lost babes while I stir, chop and ladle. On these cooking occasions, I often think 'I want to do this well, this food I prepare for the family I love is special and important and meaningful' almost takes on a mystical significance in my mind. I guess I think that it is the food that I will never get to prepare for the babes who never lived to taste what their mama could make for them. Sad, Happy, Bittersweet. Taste. Love. Life."

about the cook.
Suz is proudly 40 years old and a stay at home mum to two precious boys, The Batsman (almost 3) and The Bowler (almost 6 months). She loves her gorgeous partner and together they miss the two tiny ones who were lost along the road to parenthood. Suz maintains the blog "Segovia".


  1. Oh Sue! I had no idea that you love to cook so much :) What a beautiful insight into your life.

    I have goosebumps as I sit here just now. Strange because I am terrible at cooking. You really just inspired me to try harder in that department!

    Love and Cherish....

    Always in my heart Sue x

    Love Carly xx


    Thank you Angie!

  2. Perfect timing. Just before reading this, I came to the conclusion that I had two, and only two choices for today. I coud either go back to bed and call it a Saturday, or I could learn how to bake bread. So bread it is.

  3. Love to you Dani, ope it was wonderful :) xxx

  4. and my h never works on my key board.


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