Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year is just around the corner.

Are you ready to get your art on?

Only two short days until our 2010 art project begins. I have received some amazing submissions already, but I could sure use more (Uh, like 360 more.) Remember that submissions aren't simply paintings, but knitting, felting, sketches, poetry(!), photography, or anything really that you created that evokes an emotion about your loss. If you feel it, we will post it. If you have already submitted, please consider submitting more, and more.

Showing art or your own creations can be a self-conscious endeavor. Believe me, I understand that. You may feel it is silly, or not good enough. Maybe this year's resolution is to abandon self-consciousness and just go for it. We are here to witness, support, grow in our art and creativity. I have found inspiration and calm out of making art and seeing other grieving artist's pieces and I hope everyone else does too. To find a moment of calm in this chaotic world of living without our babies. But as always, you can submit your art with a pseudonym, or different identity. You do not have to link to any blog. I will keep all emails private.

I have been working on a community poem to start off the year. I will be putting a community poem together each month--each with its own theme or set of rules. This month I asked people to give me one word to describe the grief experience for those who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal loss. A word to describe who you are or have become, your baby, your loss, your grief, your next phase, this community, a support person or just a word you like. You do not have to explain it, just share it. If you still want to participate in this poem, you have until January 30th to submit a word to this blog post in the comment section.

(Community poem is now closed. Thank you for all your words.)

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