Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Getting Dark in Here, Sharon Chatham

It's Getting Dark in Here
by Sharon Chatham

There once was a light for all to see
It shone for you, your daddy, and me.
It turned on day you were created
Rays of light that had us elated.
But now there is no radiant cheer
It's getting dark in here.

Gone are the sparkles that were in your eyes
The used to dance like fireflies.
We will never be warmed by the glow
Of the flash forward memories we made long ago.
Now the future is dim I fear
It's getting dark in here.

The sun once shone on you
In my belly where you slept and grew.
My soul was illuminated with your presence
My heart expanding in your incandescence.
I need your beacon to draw me near
It's getting dark in here.

The shadows of your memory fade
The light your love has made.
Whenever you need t to find us in this world
The spark that is left will be unfurled.
My dear angel son have no fear
Though, it's getting dark in here.

The splendor of your life warmed your daddy and me
It won't fade altogether you see.
The space of light will grow
When the memories of you flow
Until then my dear,
It's getting dark in here.


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